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A Matter of Trust

Is there such a thing as a worry-free remodel? That depends on your contractor.

It’s a fact of owning a home. Try to go it alone and manage remodels yourself, and disasters are more likely to happen. These days it’s hard enough to locate and secure the right contractor for the job, not to mention keep within a budget and face inevitable hiccups that occur during home repairs.

In fact, an ImproveNet study surveyed 2,000 Americans who attempted one or more DIY projects. An astounding 63% regretted at least one of their projects. Even worse, nearly a quarter of homeowners surveyed reported causing more damage to their homes when they tried to complete renovations themselves.

Why would anyone take such a risk with their more treasured possession? Aside from financial savings, homeowners cite a general concern over contractor malpractice as a driving force.

That lack of trust in contractors is partly why Total Home Care founder Chris Fiastru decided to start his new remodeling company. He had already seen his share of remodeling rescues – from his days as a project manager and chief operating officer for a construction company, and in his other business, Chicago Home Clean.

“The number one reason people are afraid to undergo a remodeling project is because they don’t trust their contractor and subcontractors,” he says. “That’s understandable given what many homeowners have endured, and one of the reasons I created Total Home Care, to be that trustworthy remodeling resource for my existing customers.”

Fiastru expects he’ll continue to be called in to correct mistakes. In those cases, the homeowner is already in distress, both financially and emotionally, so Fiastru shows up with plenty of compassion.

“To fix what someone else has broken in a home take even more time out of the homeowner’s daily life, but we do everything possible to make the process run smoothly,” he says.

That a homeowner’s remodel vision won’t match the outcome is another reasonable fear.

A negative remodel can include hidden damage that shows up later, surprise costs, poor- workmanship, and the dreaded incomplete renovation which can double fees. It all causes homeowners undue anxiety, and that’s something Fiastru wants to change for his Chicago clients.

“The good news is, with the right contractor, a remodel not only can increase how much you love your home, but it can also improve the value of your residence,” says Fiastru. “There is one key ingredient that must be present, and that’s trust – when you have that in your contractor, you can move forward without feeling like you have to micromanage everything and everyone, because we handle all of that for you.”

Fiastru has a captive audience for Total Home Care, in that dozens of homeowners already trust him and his team through his other business. ‘Efficient’, ‘above and beyond’, ‘phenomenal, thorough, and quick’ are just a few of the comments Fiastru has received about his staff and leadership. Those his staff does the cleaning, Fiastru’s customers known him by name due to his oversight and involvement in day-to-day operations.

“There is a level of respect we bring to the table with our cleaning company, as house cleaning is a deeply personal service – our homeowners put their faith in us to provide that amenity in a dignified manner,” he says. “They know we’re going to bring the same level of care to our remodels and home repairs.”

Total Home Care services include custom kitchen and bath remodels, installation and repair of electrical, plumbing, flooring and roofing, painting, plus general household repairs and woodworking. Click here for a complete list of Total Home Care services.

Schedule a free consultation and estimate with Total Home Care here.


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