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The Secret to a Successful Kitchen or Bath Remodel

Updated: Apr 12, 2022

Make sure to get it right the first time.

That custom kitchen and bath remodel and repair you just watched on HGTV looked so easy. Pretty people show up, a flurry of activity ensues and voila, a shiny new sink and fridge! In a flash, a drab shower becomes a spa-like respite. A dull backsplash magically transforms into a bright focus point.

But like most things that look too good to be true, a kitchen or bath remodel is a complicated matter. Both require a contractor who pays attention to detail while focusing on the big picture.

“Kitchen and bath changes can be simple updates, but most often they involve electrical, plumbing, flooring, paint, cabinetry and millwork,” says Chris Fiastru, founder of Total Home Care and Chicago Clean Home. “And for the bath, there are additional factors like moisture that must be done right the first time.”

Fiastru’s Total Home Care is like a concierge remodeling service. At the heart of each project is not a hammer and nails, but relationships built on a foundation of trust. From beginning to end, Fiastru’s teams prioritize safety, skills, dependability, and his on-site oversight.

“Something that also makes Total Home Care above the fray is that each job is covered by the company’s labor satisfaction guarantee,” says Fiastru. “We also do our homework, so we’re prepared for anything.”

Fiastru and his teams have seen many kitchen and bath remodels go wrong, because Fiastru’s clients have called him in to fix other contractor’s mistakes.

“Micromanaging is actually a good thing when remodeling a kitchen or bath because there are so many moving parts, but that should be on your contractor,” says Fiastru. “Our Total Home Care kitchen and bath teams are skilled in those repairs and remodels, and I oversee every step of the way.”

Fiastru and his team also try to minimize the impact a kitchen or bath remodel will have on a homeowner’s daily life.

“Before we begin any work, our team gathers for a kick-off meeting to review plans and we make sure to confirm timelines with the homeowner, including how much space we’re need to occupy during the work,” says Fiastru.

“We have a motto that we want to earn a homeowner’s trust and keep earning it,” says Fiastru. “Chances are if you’re completing a kitchen remodel, you’ll also conduct a bath remodel next or vice versa and we want you to be excited to have Total Home Care back in your house.”

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